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Star stargames
All-games version of the runestar group

Group Founder: runestar
Description: Any games that do not fit the theme of runestar RPG group :3
Group Type: Public join
Members: 16
Category: Games > Other Genres

Topics (76)

go Battletoads (0) warded
Blast from the past (???)

go Resident Evil 2 REmake (1) warded
read.gif About time they go for it.

go Super Smash Bros 6 (NS) (1) warded
Sakurai considers SSB for WiiU and 3DS as two separate games. (4 and 5)

go Dead or Alive 6 (0) warded
Beat 'em up again. Hope that blood effect can be turned off.

go DOOM Eternal (0) warded

go Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon (MULTI) (2) warded
hyper.gif Released 31.05.2018It's like castlevania 3, ninja gaiden and shovel knight slapped together. redalert.gif

go Luigi's Mansion (3DS) (1) warded
Remake of some kind. redalert.gif

go Soul Calibur VI (2) warded

go Soul Calibur VI (0) warded
The Witcher joins the game too.

go Scribblenauts Showdown (NS) (0) warded
redalert.gif Scribblenauts games have mostly been pretty good.

go Nintendo LABO (NS) (0) warded
Looks pretty stupid tbh. Switch + Cardboard cut out stuff.

go Bayonetta 3 (0) warded
hyper.gif It was announcded as well.

go Bayonetta 1+2 (NS) (0) warded
hyper.gif It was kinda expected as they port games that didn't do so well on WiiU to Switch just to give them another chance. This time the install-base and audience are much closer. I expect decent sal...

go Devil May Cry 5 (0) warded
Return to form they say. Forget that game called DmC they say. read.gif

go Metroid Prime 4 (NS) (0) warded
hyper.gif TBA 2018


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